De Bruyne: "Save a spot for me in seven years"

WEDNESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2019, 12:48 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS When Kevin De Bruyne made the switch from Wolfsburg to City, it was Vincent Kompany who took care of his teammate. The two built up a close friendship, so close that De Brunye promised Kompany to come and play for RSC Anderlecht within seven years.

Kompany and De Bruyne played together for several years at Manchester City, they won two league titles, an FA Cup and three times the League Cup. "I already miss him," says De Bruyne about his former captain, "His influence within the club was enormous, he kept everyone sharp. I really hope that he can develop an equally fantastic career at Anderlecht as a player-manager. "

"I told him to save a spot at Anderlecht for me within seven years, when my time is up here. If he does, then I already know my next destination," said De Bruyne.

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