Anderlecht to beat Benfica in friendly match

WEDNESDAY, 10 JULY 2019, 23:44 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht beat Benfica in a friendly match. The Mauves played with a very young team, but managed to take the lead at half time thanks to goals of Doku and Thelin late in the first half (0-2). After the break, Anderlecht played with even more unexperienced youngsters while Benfica brought a few additional first team players into the team. This resulted in more pressure and a goal of Chiquino. The victory didn't escape Anderlecht anymore though: 1-2.

SL Benfica: Zlobin, Salvio, Ferro, Jardel, Grimaldo, Florentino, Gabriel, Caio Lucas, Taarabt, Jonas, Rot
RSC Anderlecht: Roef, Sa, Milic, Lutonda, Kayembe, Dewaele, Vlap, Ait El Hadj, Doku, Adzic, Thelin (Subs: Didillon, Lawrence, Dauda, Gerkens, Daskevics, El Kababri, Guldix, Kums & Leoni)

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