Ferrera looks back proudly on his work at Anderlecht

WEDNESDAY, 10 JULY 2019, 10:32 - lajoya
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YOUTH Emilio Ferrera, now coach of Dudelange in Luxembourg but two years ago still the coach of the purple and white U21, looks back on his work in Het Laatste nieuws.

"We trained the morning of the match, the opponent was barely scouted. And yet we became champion without losing one game, with the most beautiful football that was then played in Belgium. Because every player learned to play football in the collective," says Ferrera .

"Anderlecht will never experience it again: the boys who started the season with the U21 appeared in the first team under Vanhaezebrouck in the following months. Proof that my training method works, I suppose?" the trainer continues with clear pride.

Ferrera coaches his first official match as T1 with Dudelange in the preliminary rounds of the Champions League on Tuesday evening

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