Trebel named at Olympiakos

WEDNESDAY, 12 JUNE 2019, 19:51 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS According to Greek media, Olympiakos shows an interest in Adrien Trebel. The top club grabbed the national title for two consecutive years and wants to strengthen itself this summer. Trebel is one of the candidates.

However, a transfer does not seem to be easy, as people know in Greece. Trebel is an expensive player, both in terms of salary and transfer fee. Certainly now that Olympiakos is not assured of a ticket for the groups of the Champions League. And then there is the person Mogi Bayat. He arranged the transfers from Guillaume Gillet and Silvio Proto to Olympiakos at the time, but since the departure of the latter last summer, the relationship seems a bit sour.

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