U14 champion after 0-5 at Club Brugge

TUESDAY, 14 MAY 2019, 16:57 - lajoya
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YOUTH The U14 of Anderlecht have won the national title last weekend. They did this in style: with a 0-5 victory on the field of Club Brugge. During the play-offs, Anderlecht made up a deficit on Standard and became the champion with one point lead.

With 19 wins and 1 draw in 22 games and a goal difference of +89, Anderlecht played a strong regular competition. Standard, however, did a little better and finished with two more points. In the play-offs, the boys of Nourredine Moukrim (photo) corrected the situation. It won 6 times, including on Standard, and played 1 tie.

The most promising players of this group are Agyei Enock and Mika Godts, defending midfielder Nonge Joseph and the polyvalent Behar Ismaili. Alexis Jadouille is also an above average player, but he had a bad luck season due to a serious injury and a drama in his private sphere.

Core U14

Agyei Ebenezer
Agyei Enock (moved to U15)
Asselman Wout
Behar Ismaili
Benaini Achraf
The Graeve Anis
The Stobbeleir Keano
Degreef Tristan
Diallo Amadou
Epolo Mattieu
Frimpong Ambrose (moved to U15)
Godts Mika
Jadouille Alexis
Moutha-Sebtaoui Nail
Nonge Boende Joseph
Ntanda Lukisa Samuel
Rutgeerts Nicholas
Tajaouart Anas
Van Keymolen Siebe
U13 who contributed

Butera Ethan (21 matches)
Duranville Julien (11 matches)
Peak varnish Matthias (9 matches)
Bounida Rayane (6 matches)
Azaouzi Nassim (5 matches)
Likebe Li Nguikinde Steve (3 matches)
Barry Kais (2 matches)
Luyckx Jeff (1 match)


Moukrim Nourredine (head coach)
Mateso Abby (assistant coach)
Nerinckx Nicolas (goalkeeper coach)
Duquesne Jean-Philippe (physical coach)

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