"The intention is to build a future with Rutten"

MONDAY, 7 JANUARY 2019, 16:51 - lajoya
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OTHER Michaël Verschueren reacted briefly to the appointment of Fred Rutten as new head coach of RSC Anderlecht. For how long the Dutchman has signed with purple-white, Verschueren does not want to say.

"He is for us one of the candidates we think he has the DNA we need", says Verschueren on the phone, "And that he has the capacity to get this team back on track. We looked at the playing style that he has applied in the past and also to the communication skills and how he works with the youth. "

Verschueren didn't really talk about the duration of Rutten's contract. "He is now signing a complex contract, but the intention is that we can go with Fred in the medium and long term, whether we go on with him longer than until the end of the season, you never really know that, of course. But the intention is that we are building a future with him. "

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