Verschueren: "Vanhaezebrouck is very honorable"

TUESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2018, 12:54 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Wednesday, Michael Verschueren presented his new policy plan. On Sunday, everyone wanted him in front of the camera to interview the new sports director. Verschueren especially praised Hein Vanhaezebrouck.

On Sunday, a few youngsters appeared at the kickoff. A trend that Vanhaezebrouck continues and also fully supported by the management. "We have a master plan with a part of our youngsters, and getting them into the first team is part of that, which is why Marc Coucke has contracted a part of them, I have a very good relationship with the trainer. We often sit together to talk about the future Vanhaezebrouck is very honest, professional and technically strong ", says Verschueren.

Source: HLN (MJR)

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