"Youth needs experienced players, but they are struggling themselves"

SUNDAY, 2 DECEMBER 2018, 09:24 - lajoya
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YOUTH After the strong performances of the youngsters and the weak performance of the older players, the call sounds louder and louder to let even more youth play. "I understand that people ask for it," says Jean Kindermans, head of youth training, "but this can also be counterproductive."

According to Kindermans, it is important not to just throw the youngsters in front of the lions. "Our best youth players always broke through when they were well surrounded. Kompany had Tihinen, Praet had Biglia. These were leaders, I do not see such players now. The experienced players are now not playing very well."

According to Kindermans, the absence of leaders on the field is a disadvantage for the development of youngsters. "Who now helps boys like Doku or Verschaeren over dead moments? Add one or two leaders to this group and then much is possible."

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