Saelemaekers: "I work with psychologist on my temper"

FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2018, 15:28 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Alexis Saelemaekers can no longer be ignored from the selection at RSC Anderlecht. His first steps at the first team were timid and he was impressed. In the meantime we got to know him as a young guy with a temper. But he is working on it.

"I know that sometimes I am too energetic There are also more and more people who point this out to me, but we are working on it", Saelemaekers is honest, "With the club psychologist I now learn to turn that energy into positivity. and in function of the team. "

Top three best-selling shirts

Saelemaekers is popular. His name is on many shirts of the Anderlecht supporters, he belongs to the top three. Yet a special fact for the young defender.
"That is indeed a special feeling: seeing your name on the back of someone who is twice as old as you." When my friends come to the stadium they see Saelemaekers on shirts everywhere. They think it is pretty funny.

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