Aruna: "the Champions League makes me dream..."

WEDNESDAY, 30 JULY 2003, 14:50 - Maarten
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Aruna Dindane wants to cause its destiny.

This season must be yours, in any case if you continue on your impetus.

"It is all that I wish myself. I can acknowledge today that all the rumours of transfer had destabilized me a little. When it is said to you that Alex Ferguson moves to see you, it is impossible not to be nervous. Today, I resigned a contract until 2006, I am happy in Anderlecht and I am concentrated on my club. Even if it is perhaps my last season in Belgium, I am certain that there are still many things to make with Sporting. To start with this evening... "

In this connection, the preparation was reassuring, but you did not face a large team able to locate your level clearly.

"It is a choice of staff. We knew a calm and progressive preparation. To base its team on that which shone from February to June, that seems to me a good thing. Even if the match of this evening is our first real test, I feel that we are on the good way. We play with the eyes closed in a known diagram, many players are confident. We arrive careful in Bucharest, but not anxious. Personally, the Champions League makes me dream. To beat largest teams of Europe exciting east. At the time of the big campaign of Anderlecht, three years ago, I was most of the time on the bench. This time, I want to play and to have the first role!"

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