Standard on the counter to victory in the Astridpark

FRIDAY, 11 MAY 2018, 11:48 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht have lost 1-3 to Standard. Anderlecht was the better team, but Standard was deadly efficient.

Anderlecht was a lot better in the first half. Morioka, Markovic and Teodorczyk had imposed opportunities. Sels remained unemployed before the break. 0-0 halfway.

Anderlecht had to get a penalty kick halfway through the first half after a firm push in the back of Morioka. But Anderlecht did not get it.

Shortly after the break, Standard struck a first time. After a corner from Anderlecht, Edmilson started a long run. Gerkens had to make a professional fault, but he didn't Najar defended badly, Sels might have caught Edmilson's shot. 0-1.

Five minutes later, it was 0-2. Emond worked a cross from Edmilson against the nets. Two minutes later, Emond was even close to 0-3.

After that it was again all Anderlecht. After a confused phase, Gerkens kicked the ball against the ropes through Teodorczyk's foot.

Anderlecht kept insisting and had chances on the equalizer, but Edmilson eventually turned off the light. Again after a purple-white corner. Najar did not look good again. 1-3.

Four opportunities, three goals. Two times after a Anderlecht corner. Standard makes it so painfully clear what Hein says for weeks. "We lack efficiency."

Score: 1-3
Goal (s): Edmilson (0-1), Emond (0-2), Teodorczyk (1-2), Edmilson (1-3)

Anderlecht: Sels, Deschacht, Dendoncker, Sa, Saief, Trebel, Kums, Najar, Morioka, Markovic, Teodorczyk

Standard: Ochoa, Luyindama, Cavanda, Laifis, Fai, Selahi, Carcela, Cimrot, Mpoku, Edmilson, Emond,

Yellow: Teodorczyk, Selahi, Trebel, Fai, Kums, Cimirot, Koutroubis
Red: /

Referee: Bart Vertenten
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stockstadi

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