Anderlecht leave Sclessin without points

FRIDAY, 20 APRIL 2018, 10:53 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht has suffered its second loss in four Play-Off 1 games. On the field of Standard, purple-white lost with 2-1.

Anderlecht started the game without Markovic. One of the highlights of Sunday's game did not get fit in time and was not on the bench either. His replacement Morioka got the first big chance after a few minutes. Trebel guided him through the Standard defense, but the Japanese did not pass Ochoa. Not much later, Anderlecht goalkeeper Sels made a rare mistake. He could not hold on to a Edmilson cross, and the well-followed Emond gratefully accepted the gift: 1-0.

Anderlecht continued to struggle with Edmilson. The Brazilian Belgian showed why Vanhaezebrouck would like to get him. On the other side Ochoa had more luck than Sels. He too could not clamp a cross from Saief, but the Mexican was able to catch the ball just before Morioka could touch it. Anderlecht were suddenly there five minutes before the break. At first Kums hit  the post, but a minute later it was goal. A falling ball landed in front of Trebel's feet and he did not doubt: 1-1. That was also halftime score.

The beginning of the second half was for Standard. That translated in the 2-1 after 60 minutes. Carcela came in and from the edge of the penalty area he kicked the ball hard past Sels. Vanhaezebrouck reacted and substituted Teodorczyk, who, with sloppy ball loss, formed the basis for Carcela's goal. He got a big chance fifteen minutes before time after Saief had set up a great action on his left flank. Ganvoula, however, missed.

Chipciu also got a good opportunity in the final phase. He came just too late to score the 2-2. The equalizer was not far away for a moment, but did not come anymore. Not even in the five minutes of added time. However, Ganvoula still got a header, but he did nothing with it. An expensive miss. Because of this defeat Anderlecht see the Rouches approaching to three points.

Score: 2-1
Goal (s): 10 'Emond (1-0), 40' Trebel (1-1), 60 'Carcela (2-1)

Standard: Ochoa, Cavanda, Koutroubis, Laifis, Fai, Carcela (83 'Carlinhos), Cimirot, Marin (77' Agbo), Edmilson, Cop (46 'Luchkevych), Emond
Anderlecht: Sels, Saelemaekers (69 'Chipciu), Dendoncker, Sa, Obradovic, Trebel, Kums, Gerkens, Morioka (77' Bruno), Saief, Teodorczyk (61 'Ganvoula)

Yellow: 26 'Trebel, 37' Koutroubis, 85 'Saief, 90 + 5' Luchkevych
Red: /

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Sclessin

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