Vanhaezebrouck wanted Benavente

FRIDAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2018, 16:44 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS - OTHER Shortly after his appointment as Anderlecht coach, Hein Vanhaezebrouck heared from Herman Van Holsbeeck that Sofiane Hanni wanted to leave in the winter break. Van Holsbeeck asked the new coach who he most wanted as a successor. 'Cristian Benavente of Charleroi', Vanhaezebrouck replied.

Via Mogi Bayat, Anderlecht asked Charleroi about the attainability of Benavente. The acquisition and the financial situation made the arrival of Benavente unattainable. Even without the takeover it would have been difficult. Bayat did not want to weaken his brother Mehdi, manager of Charleroi.

So Van Holsbeeck asked Vanhaezebrouck who he wanted instead of Benavente. The coach named Ryota Morioka of Waasland-Beveren. As we know, it turned out to be feasible.

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