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SUNDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2017, 14:07 - lajoya
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GAMES After the great performance of Wednesday against Bayern Munich, Anderlecht will later today receive KV Kortrijk at the Constant Vanden Stock stadium. De 'Kerels' have a difficult season and are third last. But their first game under the new coach Glenn De Boeck was won last weekend.

Anderlecht will not be able to count on the suspended Lukasz Teodorczyk. Adrien Trebel got injured on the knee against Bayern and is doubtful. Also the availability of Nicolae Stanciu (hamstrings) and Ivan Obradovic (sick) is doubtful. Alexandru Chipciu is still in Romania with his sick father.

Against Bayern Vanhaezebrouck played with four defenders, today he will probably choose again for his 3-4-3 with Appiah (or Bruno) and Onyekuru as wingers.

Kickoff: 6pm
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock stadium
Referee: Erik Lambrechts


Possible line up: Sels, Spajic, Kara, Deschacht, Appiah, Dendoncker, Kums, Onyekuru, Gerkens, Hanni, Harbaoui
Substitutes: Boeckx, Josué, Obradovic, Trebel (?), Bruno, Stanciu (?), Beric
Injured: Najar, Sowah
Suspended: Teodorczyk (2/2)
Risk of yellow suspension: Hanni

Possible line up: Kaminski, Ouali, Kovacevic, Kumordzi, Makarenko, Stojanovic, Azouni, Van der Bruggen, Kage, Chevalier, Perbet
Substitutes: Bruzzese, Verboom, Pupe, Van Eenoo, Ajagun, De Smet, D'Haene, Budkivskyi

Injured: Attal, Hoxha, Ivanof, Kagelmacher, Lepoint, Rolland, Van Loo
Suspended: Rougeaux (1/1)
Risk of yellow suspension: Kovacevic
Last years:
2016-2017: 5-1
2015-2016: 3-0
2014-2015: 5-1
2014-2015: 2-0
2013-2014: 0-1

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