Ostend - RSC Anderlecht 0-1

SUNDAY, 16 APRIL 2017, 17:48 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht beat KV Ostend this afternoon and put pressure on Club Bruges and AA Ghent. If any of these two lose points tomorrow, their title race may be over. Hanni was the man of the match with a fantastic goal. Also Boeckx played an important role with a saved penalty.

Anderlecht started with six new names in the team compared to the match against Manchester United. The Mauves took a good start though with two chances for Teodorczyk. The home team reacted through Dimata and El Ghanassy. The last ten minutes of the first half were the most exciting. First Trebel aimed a shot under the crossbar, but Proto saved. A bit later, Kara headed a corner kick of Tielemans on the crossbar. In the very last second of the first half, referee Lambrechts gave a penalty to Ostend for an imaginary hands ball in the box. Luckily, goalkeeper Boeckx saved Dimata's effort.

Anderlecht increased the pressure at the beginning of the second half and Hanni rapidly scored. The Anderlecht captain dribbled between four defenders and placed the ball, via the post, into the goal: 0-1. From then on, Anderlecht conserved energy and controlled. Ostend never really got a good chance to score. Anderlecht even came close to a second on, but Trebel's effort struck the post.

Phases of the match:
93' End of the game.
91' The ball finds the post on its way on an attempt of Trebel! Acheampong was the leading player in the action with a good combination.
90' The referee blows his whistle for a foul of Spajic on Dimata.
90' Trebel is being stopped by Rozenhal, but the referee finds it 'obstruction'.
88' Hanni sees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball is too high. Acheampong was the leading player in the action with a good combination.
88' Chance for Trebel with a shot! The ball is being blocked.
86' Replacement: Nuytinck in, Tielemans out.
82' Replacement: Antunes in, El Ghanassy out.
82' There isn't a lot of difference between both teams. The ball stays on the midfield a lot.
77' The pace of the game is too slow and there is a lot of carelessness in the passing.
72' Replacement: Thelin in, Teodorczyk out.
70' Ostend increase the pace and plays higher now.
68' Replacement: Acheampong in, Chipciu out.
64' Canesin is there to push the ball into the goal, but fails to do so! The ball doesn't go in between the posts.
59' Kara starts pulling his opponent, Dimata, and is being sanctioned. A free kick and a yellow card. That's the decision.
56' Foul! Spajic has pushed. A free kick and a yellow card. That's the decision.
52' There is a lot of atmosphere in the stadium. The fans of RSC Anderlecht are already celebrating!
48' GOAL! Hanni scores with a shot! The ball hits the crossbar and falls into the net. Hanni eliminated four players himself and finishes with a goal.
47' Chance for Teodorczyk with a shot! The ball is being blocked.
45' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

45' Dimata misses the penalty! The goalkeeper, Boeckx, makes a safe.
47' Spajic caught for hands. Penalty! It was a completely wrong decision by the referee.
44' There is Kara with a hard header! The effort ends against the crossbar!
43' Chipciu sees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball is being blocked. A corner kick is the result.
38' Spajic has a head injury and the game has been halted for threatment. It looks bad.
35' Teodorczyk has a chance with the head, but the ball misses the target. Tielemans took the corner kick preceding the chance.
35' Trebel fires from distance! Proto saves with the fists.
33' Siani fires from distance! The chances lacks the necessary quality to create a threat.
33' Replacement: Jonckheere in, Capon out.
32' Capon is injured at the calf. He may have to be replaced.
29' Teodorczyk is being sanctioned for dangerous play. Is the victim. The referee gives a yellow card and a free kick!
27' El Ghanassy is dangerous with a bouncing shot, but the ball goes next to the goal.
18' The referee signals a foul: Marusic has pushed Chipciu. The referee gives a yellow card and a free kick.
17' Chance for Marusic with a shot! The effort is halted before the line. Kara lost the ball and initiated the attack unwillingly, but without further consequences.
14' Teodorczyk is in a good position close to the goal and shoots! The ball is being blocked. Tielemans delivered the centre from the left wing.
13' Berrier has a chance with a free kick. Boeckx saves with the fists.
11' Teodorczyk finds the opening, turns and shoots, but the ball misses the target completely.
9' Corner kick for RSC Anderlecht.
5' Capon steps on his opponent's foot.Obradovic is given the advantage.
4' Trebel tries it with a free kick, but Proto stops the ball.
1' Dendoncker starts pulling his opponent, El Ghanassy, and is being sanctioned.
0' Kick-off of the match!

Line-up Ostend: Proto, Capon, Rozenhal, Milic, Marusic, Siani, Vanderdriessche, Berrier, El Ghanassy, Canesin, Dimata
Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Boeckx, Appiah, Kara, Spajic, Obradovic, Dendoncker, Trebel, Tielemans, Chipciu, Hanni, Teodorczyk

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