Feeble Anderlecht win against Mons

MONDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2014, 14:55 - D.A.B.
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A very weak Anderlecht managed to take the three points against Mons yesterday. The Mauves won with 2-0, against the last in the ranking. Kljestan scored the first goal and gave an assist for the second one, scored by Vargas.

Like always, Van den Brom changed his team again. From the first minutes, the fans showed their discontent since there was only one striker lined-up, namely Cyriac.

Anderlecht's performance was weak once more. The team played uninspired, with a lot of technical mistakes and bad passes. The pace was low. Therefore, Mons could easily defend the nill. After 30 minutes, the home side managed to create a chance and it immediately resulted in a goal: Deschacht centered and Kljestan headed the ball against the net. This also concluded the first half.

The second half brought more of the same, despite the fact that Vargas quickly doubled the lead (assist: Kljestan). The hissing and booing of the fans continued until well after the last whistle. Especially coach Van den Brom was targeted by the fans. At the end of the game, Gillet and Proto even got into a discussion with a few angry fans.

Anderlecht count three points more, but the gap with Standard remains large. With the play-offs soon starting, the quality of Anderlecht's performance urgently needs to rise though. If not, this season will be one to be quickly forgotten...

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