Eight men Anderlecht lose once more

WEDNESDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2013, 11:26 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht ended the Champions League with just 1 point. Yesterday the Mauves were beaten by Olympiakos with 3-1. Proto was the man of the match. He saved two penalties and was eventually sent off. The Mauves ended with 8 players.

Anderlecht started with a well organised team. Olympiakos had difficulties finding an opening and the Belgians tried to be dangerous on the counter attack. The defensive work of Anderlecht led to a whole bunch of light cards. Throughout the game, referee Stark would be swinging around the yellow colour abundantly, especially for the Belgian champions that saw their players booked after even the lightest foul.

Olympiakos took the lead when the ball fell, with some luck, in front of Saviola. The Argentinian, who had missed a great opportunity minutes before, scored. Anderlecht reacted immediately. Najar started a run on the wing, passed his defender and gave the ball to Gillet who was storming towards goalkeeper Roberto. The midfielder wasn't selfish and gave the ball to Kljestan who could simply score the equaliser.

After the break, referee Stark earned his right into history. While falling (and not facing the ball), Kouyaté touched the ball with his arm: red and penalty. Proto saved Saviola's effort. A few minutes later, Fuster's shot was deflected by that same Saviola and this time it was a goal: 2-1.

A brave Anderlecht tried to react with one man down. Gillet had a great chance when an otherwise weak Mitrovic offered him the ball. Roberto's safe was of world class. Minutes before, Najar also had a fine opportunity to equalise. On the other side, the ball was put on the penalty spot again after a push of N'Sakala. But Proto kept Anderlecht standing once more.

A final offensive of Anderlecht slowly unfolded, but the Greek relied on the counter attack. N'Sakala tackled one of their strikers and got red as well. Referee Stark worsened the situation by showing some more cards in the very last second. Proto came out of his goal and played the ball with a sliding tackle on the edge of the box. Referee Stark was determined to make it memerable evening though: he showed red again and even put the ball on the penalty spot. Out of replacements, Mitrovic took place in the goal and was powerless against the penalty: 3-1.

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