Excellent Anderlecht suffer painful defeat

WEDNESDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2013, 23:50 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht had about 10 open chances tonight against Olympiakos, including a penalty. Yet they couldn't score a single goal. Olympiakos merely had three chances and scored all three. The result: a heavy defeat.

Anderlecht started with Kaminski in the goal since Proto got injured during warm up. Nuytinck brought experience by replacing Mbemba. Mitrovic took Acheampong's place.

The Mauves played an excellent game and Olympiakos couldn't do more than defend. In the first 15 minutes, Anderlecht already created enough chances to be leading 3-0, but the ball didn't go in. Suarez, Praet, Mitrovic and Nuytinck all should have scored... but the goal fell on the other side. Mitroglou took advantage of a mistake of Gillet and pushed the 0-1 in the goal.

Anderlecht rapidly took control again and got a penalty after Kljestan was brought down in the box. At this point, the game turned into a Greek tragedy: Mitrovic missed. Anderlecht kept creating many chances, but still couldn't score. At half time, the whole Olympiakos defence had been booked, a handful of great chances had been missed and the score was 0-1.

In the second half, Anderlecht kept searching for the equaliser. Again a handful of chances were missed. The best was for Gillet who centered instead of scoring... Mitroglou demonstrated efficiency: on a rare counter attack, he doubled Olympiakos' lead. The Mauves kept trying, but it just wasn't their day. Mitroglou completed his evening with a third goal.

After just two games, Anderlecht's European campaign is already as good as over.

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