Vanden Stock prefers the national stadium

MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2013, 11:15 - D.A.B.
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Roger Vanden Stock indicated in an interview that he prefers moving to the new national stadium. Though he believes state support will be necessary to finance the 300 million euro project.

Herman Van Holsbeeck announced Anderlecht would not invest in the construction of the stadium. He said Anderlecht would only pay rent to play in it. Vanden Stock doesn't exclude an investment though. And the chairman sees the advantages for the club. With an enlargement of the current stadium, Anderlecht would be able to house 28.000 fans. But if they play in the new stadium, their potential is being estimated on 40.000 to 45.000 spectators. The final decision will be made before April 2014.

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