CL: Bad first half cost Anderlecht points

TUESDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2013, 23:17 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht took a bad start in the Champions League. A bad first half led to a 2-0 score at half time. The Mauves could not change the scoreline anymore in a good second half.

Van den Brom planned to play defensively against Benfica, but from the start it became clear the tactics were not working. Some players didn't know their exact positions, there was no routine and no threat. After four minutes, the score was already opened: Proto let the ball slip and Djuricic scored the easiest goal in his career. The game took a turn for the worse: most duels were lost and 20 minutes later Luisao doubled the lead on a corner kick. At the end of the first half, Anderlecht had just created one small chance.

During the break, Van den Brom fell back on his normal line-up. Acheampong came into the team and he created a lot of danger. Anderlecht pushed Benfica back on their own half of the field and created a handful of chances. Benfica seemed to panic but survived the storm. Slowly the offensive died out. At the end of the game, Anderlecht scored on a free kick, but the linesman had seen offside. Final result: 2-0.

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