Reactions Nuytinck and Gillet

THURSDAY, 29 AUGUST 2013, 21:13 - JoRu
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Bram Nuytinck and Guillaume Gillet are both optimistic about the draw. "We definitely have a good chance to realize nice things in this group and being able to play European matches after the winter break should be our goal.

"I even believe we can end in second place. PSG is obviously the toughest team, but we also can't underestimate Benfica and Olympiakos. Nuytinck wants to make clear that Anderlecht isn't weaker than both teams.

Gillet is especially happy about the fact that Anderlecht doesn't have to face Real Madrid or Barcelona. "It's an open group, but it won't be easy. PSG is the favourite and Benfica played the final of the Europa League last season. We lost against Olympiakos during the preparation of this season, but we have a good chance against these clubs."

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