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MONDAY, 26 AUGUST 2013, 14:06 - JoRu
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The two shining players were Matias Suarez and Frank Acheampong. Suarez scored three goals and Acheampong made two assists. Of course it was no surprise that both players could count on a big applause when they got substituted.

"I already scored three goals in the Europa League once", said Suarez. And today I scored a hattrick again, so I'm very happy. I felt like scoring again after my tough start in the league. I'm very satisfied about my match."

Acheampong showed his speed and dribbling skills once again. Not one, not two, but he dribbled three defenders of Charleroi before hitting the post. But the ball ended up with Suarez who scored. To use the quote of the commentator: "Anderlecht better watches out, or they will lose Acheampong to another team by the end of next week." But the Ghanese player stayed modest once again.

"The coaches give me advice and confidence. I also like to hear other advices. I don't only play for the money. Hearing the audience cheering my name makes me proud. Every time I do my very best, so the audience is feeling good when they return home", ends Acheampong.

You can watch both interviews on this link.

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