"No idea why I'm always being lend out"

THURSDAY, 22 AUGUST 2013, 20:33 - JoRu
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Pablo Chavarria rediscovered his scoring skills again with the French team Lens. He hasn't played much for Anderlecht, and that's why he's been lend out many times. The player still wonders why.

The Argentinian player was lend out to Eupen in 2011 and after that season he moved to KV Kortrijk for another two seasons. An interview on the official homepage of Lens shows that the player experienced a difficult time with Anderlecht.

"The transfer from Atlético Belgrano to Anderlecht wasn't easy. I moved to another continent, another language, another culture ... The first six months were very complicated for me", tells the player.

"I played six months at the most, and only for about ten to fifteen minutes each time. I've been lend out for the rest of the time. I would have left earlier if I didn't play. I don't know why Anderlecht travelled so far to come and get me, if they want to lend me out all the time. But things are different now since I play for Lens."

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