Mbemba: "Kouyaté is my big brother"

SUNDAY, 11 AUGUST 2013, 15:48 - JoRu
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After two great matches, Mbemba has to make some room for Kouyaté. The Congolese player thinks it's logic. "Of course I want to stay on the pitch, but I will accept the decision if I have to move back to the bench."

Mbemba says he has a great respect for Kouyaté. He even calls Kouyaté his big brother in the dressing room. So it doesn't bother Mbemba that Kouyaté will take his place in the defense again.

Mbemba impressed a lot during his two matches. But he stays calm: "I just tried to do my best", says the Congolese defender. He calls himself a football maniac. He tries to watch as many matches as he can, to learn something and improve. He knows he can improve his positional play on the pitch.

Mbemba already has been playing two years in Anderlecht. He didn't get in the spotlight because of some issues about his real age. He doesn't care about all the commotion about his age. "There are documents to prove my real age."

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