Lukaku: "I've lost enough time"

MONDAY, 5 AUGUST 2013, 20:45 - JoRu
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This season has to be a good one for Lukaku. He accepted that the team wants him to play on the left-back position."The situation is clear: Deschacht is the first option, I'm the second one. Now it's up to me to outplay him."

Two seasons ago, Lukaku made six appearances during the play-offs. Last season, he didn't play at all. "It was a tough year", tells Lukaku in La Dernière Heure. "I went through a difficult time when I wasn't even selected while Safari was injured."

There were some rumours that Lukaku still needed to improve his mental skills. "It's correct that my attitude wasn't always the right one, and that I've been thinking too negative sometimes. It didn't seem to be a big deal to me, but everyone noticed it. For example, my nonchalance outside the pitch. But now I realised that it's a big deal for real, so I've decided to try to change."

"I turned 19 last month, and I notice several youngsters get opportunities to play. Bruno, Praet and now Tielemans. I've lost enough time already."

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