Deschacht: "I took it personally"

MONDAY, 5 AUGUST 2013, 20:19 - JoRu
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With a strong shot from 20 meters, Deschacht guided his team to victory. He felt like taking revenge after coach van den Brom was pretty critical about the "elders" of the team.

"I wanted to prove myself by acting sharper on the pitch than I might have done last week", says Deschacht. He admits that the comments of the coach were righteous. "A few players took some revenge for what happened last week." The left-back is well aware of the fact that the defense should play better. So there will be practised hard this week.

But Deschacht praises Mbemba. "He has been playing two games at a very high level", says Deschacht. The oldest player of the team expects a bright future with all these young talents. "Tielemans, Lukaku, Najar, and I even forgot a few players."

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