What's going on with the transfer of Assaidi?

MONDAY, 5 AUGUST 2013, 19:35 - JoRu
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A week ago Anderlecht and Oussama Assaidi from Liverpool FC had been linked to eachother. But it's been pretty silent about this since then. Is there big news coming up?

Several news papers have been spreading many rumours about this player lately. According to some articles, there is no Assaidi to be found on the newest team pictures. Moreover, he wasn't selected for the friendly game on August 3 against the Greek team Olympiakos.

The latest rumours suggested that he would return to his former Dutch club Heerenveen. However, two new articles appeared yesterday.

The first article concerns the fact that Queens Park Rangers are interested to take over the player on a rental basis. Besides this article, there is nothing else to be found about a possible take-over by Queens Park Rangers.

One single tweet on Sunday evening links Assaidi to Anderlecht. According to this tweet, there would be an agreement between Anderlecht and Liverpool to transfer the Moroccan/Dutch player. Liverpool would accept the bid of 3 million euros. One half of this amount would be paid immediately by Anderlecht, the other half would be paid in June 2014.

We don't find more information about this and all other articles are related to this one single tweet. So we could tell that there is no reason to believe that both teams are close to an agreement, except for some vague and unreliable articles. To be able to transfer Assaidi, Anderlecht needs to get rid off or find a solution for some players like Molins, Marecek and Diandy first. Moreover, it's very doubtful that Anderlecht is willing to pay three million euros for this wing player. To be continued.

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