Waasland-Beveren humiliates Anderlecht

TUESDAY, 1 NOVEMBER 2016, 12:17 - jds93
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GAMES The ultimate humiliation. Although Anderlecht played 90 minutes against 10 players it was unable to control the game at any time. It should have been an easy win. Once more it became a struggle ending in a humiliating loss. 

Score: 2-1
Goal(s): 9' Gano, 10' Teodorczyk, 32' Cools

Waasland-Beveren:Köteles, Demir, Myny(27' De Schutter), Camacho, Jans, Cools, Michel(93' Boljevic), Seck, Gano, Schrijvers, Vanzo
RSC Anderlecht:Roef, Sowah(77' Bruno), Dendoncker, Nuytinck(57' Harbaoui), Acheampong, Badji , Tielemans, Capel, Stanciu, Hanni, Teodorczyk

Yellow cards: 66' Schrijvers, 74' Badji, 76' Köteles, 77' Badji, 85' Teodorcyck
Red cards: 1' Seck, 77' Badji (second yellow)

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Freethiel

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