Anderlecht practically unbeatable in Brussels

TUESDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2012, 10:58 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht built up a strong home reputation this season. In the Belgian league, only Genk managed to score more than once in the Vanden Stock Stadium and was the only team to take a point.

In total, Anderlecht scored 22 goals in the league at home and the defence was only beaten for 4 times. Also in the Cup and the Supercup the Mauves won.

In the European games, Ekranas was beaten 5-0 and Limassol 2-0. Zenit lost in Brussels with a 1-0 score. The only exception was Malaga that scored 3 goals in the Vanden Stock Stadium.

An excellent report for Anderlecht, that receives Milan on Wednesday. A victory means qualification for at least the Europa League. But Milan is a lot stronger than a few weeks ago. So it proves to be an exciting match. The Mauves can count on their strongest line-up. Milan has to do without defender Bonero.

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