Anderlecht beat Zenit: 1-0

WEDNESDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2012, 23:36 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht obtained their first Champions League victory last night. The Mauves easily defeated Zenit Saint Petersburg with 1-0 and are now third in the group. Milan, second, are now just one point ahead.

Anderlecht dominated the game from the beginning to the end, leaving Zenit not a chance at all to create chances. The Mauves themselves quickly took the lead in the match. Praet, Kljestan and Mbokani set up a nice combination through the heart of the Russian defence after 19 minutes. Mbokani lifted the ball over goalie Malafejev: 1-0. Close before half time, Jovanovic' excellent effort was saved.

Zenit didn't really threaten a very solid Anderlecht defence. They didn't come any further than a few shots from distance: one clear of the goal and one saved by Proto.

In the second half, Zenit tried to take control of the game but didn't succeed. Anderlecht repelled all attacks easily and even raised the pace of the game once more. More chances followed but this time they were also missed. The best one was for Iakovenko but his effort hit the crossbar.
That way, the game remained exciting until the end, but the Mauves held on to a most deserved win.

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