Weak Anderlecht beaten by Charleroi

MONDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2012, 11:26 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht seem to be sinking into a crisis. The inability to score goals is costing points in the Champions League as well as in the Belgian league. A weak Anderlecht could not score in Charleroi and lost 2-0 this weekend.

Anderlecht started with Vargas, Safari and Molins in the team to give some lightly injured players some rest. And the team created a bunch of chances in the first half. The biggest one was for Vargas who appeared alone in front of the Charleroi goalie, but he missed calmness to score. A bit later, Kanu and Gillet obstructed each other in what could have been an open chance.

The lack of efficiency was paid in cash: bad defending and miscommunication led to the 1-0. A center went over Proto's head and Rossini was left alone at the second post. He scored an easy goal. The Mauves did not have a response before half time.

Anderlecht started with a high pace after the break but Charleroi immediately scored again. Proto blundered when he punched an easy ball onto Wasilewski's head. The ball deflected into the goal: 2-0.

Iakovenko and Jovanovic were sent in to turn the time, without any effect. The biggest chance was for De Sutter, but he pushed the ball over the target. A weak and inefficient Anderlecht lost points again, but remains first thanks to the defeats of the co-leaders. The first six are within a 2 points margin though.

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