"First impression of Van den Brom is great"

FRIDAY, 29 JUNE 2012, 19:50 - Motivee
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Milan Jovanovic has started his second season in Anderlecht. In Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, he evaluates last season, and looks ahead to the next. “I came for the title, we did that. Now I want to play Champions League."

About the new coach

“My first impressions were really good. As a person, but his way of training as well. The communication is excellent, with all of the players. And the trainings go well. We train 100% with the ball, we all love that. Don’t ask me to compare to Ariel Jacobs (previous coach), I will only discuss the present.”

“I’m a little tired, but that’s a good sign. The coach makes us play better, smarter. We work hard on it on training, with quick passing and calmness in ball possession. Especially the younger players need this, with opponents marking them closely."

About the holiday

“My vacation was rather short. Silvio Proto and I were the only players who played during the entire season, and were back in Anderlecht June 18th already. All the other players arrived the 27th at the earliest. I haven’t discussed this with the board, I guess the oldest player in the club got the shortest holiday.”

About last season

“Last season, although I wasn’t with the club during pre-season, I was pleased with my performances. I’ve played in 43 or 44 matches, I’ve hardly mist a training. I’m one of the hardest workers in Anderlecht. Just look at the statistics.”

“I came to Anderlecht to win the title and not to be the best player. I was struggling during the play-offs, and yet still we managed to be champions, as was expected. The day Mbokani and I signed a contract, the title was ours. We just had to play the matches."

About the future

“I read in the newspapers that Anderlecht would offer me a new contract if we won the title, but I haven’t heard anything officially. I have the best relationship with the board, but if they want me to stay, they’ll offer me the contract. I won’t beg for it."

About the Champions League

"I won’t be satisfied until Anderlecht qualifies for the Champions League. If we do that, I will have known a very successful period in my career. It’s a shame that Bayern lost the finals against Chelsea, but we’ll just have to manage. As oldest player in the team I have to help the coach and the players to achieve this goal. I will take my responsibility, like I have before.”

“These matches are nothing out of the ordinary for me. Just listening to the hymn before the game is so special. Mainly the younger players would benefit from experiencing the Champions League. If I can help them do so, I’m happy. I will have given my all for the club for 2 whole years.”

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