Anderlecht beaten by Kortrijk in play-offs

SATURDAY, 12 MAY 2012, 22:28 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht got defeated by Kortrijk on Thursday. Having already won the title, the Mauves, started with a mix of reserves and first team players. Marecek, Deschacht, De Sutter, Kabangu, Molins and Canesin were in the line-up.

Anderlecht didn't show much, while Kortrijk played enthusiastically. Kouyate in the first half, Canesin and De Sutter in the second half, had the only good chances for Anderlecht. On the other side, former-Anderlecht Chavarria penetrated the defence regularly. He offered Nfor the 1-0 and Oussalah the 2-0.

Tomorrow, the Mauves play their last game of the season, at home, against Standard.

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