Anderlecht and Standard both take 1 point

SUNDAY, 8 APRIL 2012, 23:30 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht again lost points in the playoffs. Standard were the better side in Friday's clash, but forgot to score. The visitors had two good chances, one in each half. Eventually the game ended in a scoreless draw.

The good news is that also Gent and Brugge lost points, The two even lost, so the Mauves deepen the gap with their two rivals.

Anderlecht began with Jordan Lukaku in the line-up. He replaced Deschacht who got injured during the warm up. Gillet had been positioned on the central midfield, but that tactical move only became clear after 10 minutes of play. During the first 10 minutes, Standard took a good start. They created a few chances, but Anderlecht's defence stood strong. On the counter attack, Gillet stopped Bolat's shot. In the rebound, Klestjan offered the 0-1 to Mbokani, but the linesman had seen, incorrectly, offside.

The first half then slowly died out. Not much happened, so the scoreline at half time was 0-0. The second half wasn't much better. Standard tried to be dangerous, but only forced Proto to two safes. Anderlecht had a bit more ball possession but were unable to create danger. Until 10 minutes before the end, Suarez was sent deep. He appeared in front of Bolat but the angle was too sharp to score. So the game ended in a scoreless draw.

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