Transfer rumours: Cavallaro about to sign?

WEDNESDAY, 28 MARCH 2012, 22:07 - Skyhawk
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The Mauves are interested in Filip Kostic of Kragujevac and in Markus Henriksen of Rosenborg. RSCA will have to compete with other clubs, such as Tottenham, Udinese, Porto, Groningen and Bruges that is the closest to a transfer.

Meanwhile Anderlecht already refused Ibrahima Drame from Qatar. The player is one of the most talented in the Middle East and is followed by Europe's greatest. Manager Van Holsbeeck admits his club was interested too, but that a transfer is impossible because the player still isn't 18 years old.

Better news comes from the city of Belgrade: Duka Tosic is being followed by Anderlecht. The 27 year old central defender of Red Star could become Juhasz' replacement in case the Hungarian leaves. The Serbian international has a lot of experience and already played in England, France, Spain and Germany.

Last but not least: the young Argentinian Juan Ignacio Cavallaro might become Anderlecht's first summer reinforcement. The player is almost 18 years old and plays in the second division for Union Sante Fe where Nicolas Frutos is youth coach. According to the Argentine media, he will sign a deal soon. Another player from the same club, namely Fantin, is currently in Belgium for testing.

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