Unlucky Anderlecht beat Hamburg, but is eliminated

THURSDAY, 18 MARCH 2010, 23:15 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Hamburg this evening in a spectacular game. The Mauves won 4-3, but are eliminated. Though with 19 goals attemps against 9, the home side clearly deserved more...

Anderlecht began furiously with three good chances in the first minute. Goalkeeper Rost saved the day. Slowly, Hamburg restored the balance without being very dangerous.

Shortly before the break, Hamburg opened the score when Boateng brushed the ball over Proto: 0-1.
Anderlecht was not dead yet and reacted immediately. Boussoufa centered from the wing and Lukaku equalised with a header. One minute later, Suarez was brought down in the box and he scored the penalty himself.

In the second half, Anderlecht came very close to the 3-1. The best attempt was cleared from the line by Jarolim (with his arm!). Anderlecht kept pushing forward and Hamburg was overcome by panic. Though on a counter attack, Jansen equalised: 2-2.

Things seemed very bad for the home side now, though just a little later, Boussoufa opened for Van Damme, who passed to Biglia. The Argentinian put the ball in the corner: 3-2. And it still wasn't over yet. A few minutes later, Boussoufa surprised goalie Rost on a sharp center from Lukaku: 4-2.

Anderlecht had control now and they played all or nothing. But that turned out badly. With just three defenders left, Hamburg finished the job on a counter attack when Petric scored the 4-3, again on a counter attack.

The Belgians clearly deserved more, but seen over both games, they were quite unlucky... Anderlecht out, though after a very good performance.

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