Anderlecht to waste three points against Zagreb

THURSDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2009, 22:34 - Skyhawk
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The Mauves lost against Dinamo Zagreb yesterday. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Brussels' club to qualify for the next round. They need one more point, but the last game is a hard one: in Amsterdam.

Anderlecht proved to be better than Zagreb though. They had several good chances in the first half through Lukaku, Gillet and Van Damme, but they all failed to score.

The second half also started well, with another chance of Lukaku after a rush of Legear. But then Zagreb scored on an excellent counter attack: 0-1. Anderlecht could not react anymore...

Score: 0-1
Goal(s): 57' Slepica 0-1

Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Deschacht (85. Kouyaté), Saré (72. De Sutter), Biglia, Van Damme, Legear (68. Suarez), Boussoufa, Lukaku
Zagreb: Butina, Etto, Lovren, Kovac, Ibanez, Tomecak (91. Chago), Badelj, Vrdoljak, Sammir (82. Barbaric), Mandzukic, Slepica (66. Papadopoulos)

Yellow: Deschacht, Mazuch, Van Damme - Sammir, Ibanez, Badelj, Mandzukic
Red: /

Referee: McDonald
Stadium: Vanden Stock

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