Draw vs. RKC

SATURDAY, 26 JULY 2003, 23:18 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht obtained a draw against RKC Waalwijk (Dutch 1st division team). On Wednesday, RSCA play for Champions League qualification against R. Bucharest

Anderlecht were the best team in the first half. Hendrikx scored after a few minutes, on an assist of Aruna. A bit later, Mornar double the score after good work of that same Aruna. An open chance on 0-3 was missed by Mornar.
During the pause, Aruna, Zitka and Baseggio were swapped. Due to that, the pace dropped and RKC tried to do something back. Though the first chances were for RSCA.
Finally, the Dutch side scored twice: first, former-RSCA player Van Diemen scored, followed by the equaliser of a youth player. The final score was 2-2.

Due to a foot-injury, Vincent Kompany had to be changed.

RKC WAALWIJK: Sinouh, van Diemen, Olfers, Teixeira, van Hintum (82e Peppinck), Molhoek (80e Aelbrecht), Cornelisse (80e van der Velden), Fuchs (73e Petrovic), Hoogendorp, Redan (62e Boulahrouz), Zbayri.

ANDERLECHT: Zitka (46e Peersman), Doll (62e Zewlakow), Tihinen, Kompany (62e Ilic), Deschacht, Wilhelmsson, Hasi (46e Lovré), Baseggio (46e Iachtchouk), Hendrikx, Mornar et Dindane (46e Seol).

REFEREE: M. van Hulten.

GOALS: 10e Hendrikx (0-1), 14e Mornar (0-2), 64e van Diemen (1-2), 75e Zbayri (2-2).

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